Institution Detail: Imbewu yokuphila foundation



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Imbewu yokuphila foundation

ID: 4015

Entity Type: non-profit

Full Address: 1353 Diepkloof Ext 3

Country: South Africa

Phone: 0682167128

Economic Status: 5

Number of People Involved, Employees: 10

Mission: Imbewu Yokuphila Foundation empowers recipients with sustainable living by encouraging a harmonious relationship between man and nature through organized hikes. We are interested in doing educational hikes for our schools in and around South Africa specially for thoes children who do not have the chance to connect with nature because they grow up or are expose to the cities.

IY foundation seeks to play a vital role in empowering the society through educational hikes, physical activities and motivational talks to change the mental state of our communities.

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