Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you need further information on the program.

How do I withdraw funds from my donations?

Once your account reaches a minimum of $100 USD you with withdraw your funds by bank transfer or wire.

How does Nextheir keep campaigns safe?

Nextheir features the very best in secure payment encryption technology. We monitor and use 3rd party payment systems like Paypal or Stripe and don't keep money in our company. Your money is stored securely until you’re ready to request a withdrawal via electronic bank transfer.

Is my country supported?

We support all countries, some of them will be more complicated to receive donations, but we do our best to get the donations to the beneficiaries.

How do I get donations?

Nextheir will let you know when you become beneficiary of a donation and advise you on the steps to get paid.

Can anyone join?

Yes! The program is open to anyone worldwide.

Is there any cost to become an heir?

Free to join for a lifetime membership.

How to become an Heir

You can simply become an heir on by registering in our program.